10 things every father of a daughter should know


Being a father to a daughter is a responsibility that should not be underestimated. A caring father should provide his daughter not only with food and shelter, but also help her become a confident woman. In this article, we will discuss 10 things that every father of a daughter should know. They will help to build a quality relationship with your little one, teach her to value herself and her achievements, and give her the necessary skills for a successful life.

Is a close relationship between a father and daughter important?

Undoubtedly, the strong bond between a mother and child cannot be denied. However, the role of the father in raising a daughter also plays a crucial role, as shown by researchers. In 2018, the scientific publication Science Direct published an article on the impact of fathers on the psychological state of adolescent girls:

“The quality of the relationship between father and daughter is associated with subsequent quality of adult aspects of daughter’s life, such as higher professional achievements, higher levels of secure partner attachment, greater satisfaction with romantic relationships, higher self-esteem, healthier sexual decision making, and reduced levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and disordered eating (Nielson review, 2014). In general, it can be clearly concluded that the quality of the relationship between father and daughter contributes significantly to her adaptation in many areas.”

However, this does not mean that a father should start building a close relationship with his daughter only when she reaches adolescence. A loving father, just like a mother, should take into account the child’s developmental peculiarities from birth to give her a happy ticket to adult life. Below we will discuss what a father of a daughter should know and be able to do. You can confidently adopt these rules for yourself.

10 golden rules of being a good dad

So, let’s go over some principles of a successful relationship between a dad and his daughter.

  • Don’t be afraid to bathe your little girl. Hygiene is one of the most important procedures in taking care of a small child. And although it may seem at first glance that this is a task exclusively for the mother, dads of girls must know the principles of female personal hygiene. First, this allows the father to actively participate in taking care of the child. And secondly, the little one receives an additional dose of love from her dad.
  • Do hairstyles together. A dad can use this precious time wisely. For example, you can talk with your daughter about various things that dads of girls should know, such as her preferences, her relationships in society, successes and failures in school, and many other pressing questions for both of you.
  • Teach your daughter “masculine” skills. Some duties traditionally considered masculine, such as repairs, can help a girl in the future to solve household problems, develop her independence and patience.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your sensitivity. Not knowing how to behave as a father with a daughter, many men choose an “ironclad” model of behavior. If you really want to open up to your daughter, show her from the very beginning that you also have a sensitive side. Have tea parties, watch movies together, and don’t be afraid to even cry when something sad happens. That’s life.
  • Set an example with your relationship with your daughter’s mother. Perhaps this is one of the most important of the 10 things that only dads of girls understand. There comes a moment when a daughter wants to share her intimate feelings towards the opposite sex with you. And to guide her on the right path, your male advice will be needed like never before. Explain the principles of healthy relationships based on your own relationship with your wife. Even if you are no longer together with your daughter’s mother, you must explain that there is respect and equality between you. This will help your daughter not to become a victim of cruel and dangerous relationships.
  • Be open to serious conversations. This point is particularly important when it comes to how a father should interact with his teenage daughter. As a father, you should not shy away from discussing topics such as sex, provocative clothing, drugs, and other factors with your daughter. Convey important information to her in a relaxed environment and let her know that you would be happy to answer any questions that arise. The goal is to help her learn to make the right decisions and say “no” when necessary on her own, not just because dad said so.
  • Share secrets mutually. This advice is not without reason among the top 10 things that only fathers of girls will understand. She will see how you handle your own problems and will project your resilience onto herself. Besides, when you share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with your daughter, she begins to feel that you trust her and that she can trust you in return.
  • Seek advice from your daughter. In addition to strengthening the emotional bond with your child, you will gain a completely different perspective on the problem or situation you are facing. After all, sometimes children are more competent than we are in certain matters.
  • Don’t blame your daughter for being emotional. You have probably heard of situations where the relationship between a daughter and father did not work out because of the “character”. In reality, women have 11% more neurons in the areas of the brain responsible for hearing and speech than men, which often leads to female emotions being expressed more vividly. Therefore, blaming your daughter for being emotional and impulsive is not something a father should do. Show your tolerance, and above all, wisdom.
  • Remind her of your love. Show your paternal feelings every day. Repeat this to your child, even if she thinks it is banal. In a difficult life situation, your daughter will remember this and always come to you.

Fathers often serve as the first male role model for their daughters, shaping their worldview. We have provided 10 things that fathers of girls should know. We hope that based on our advice, you will reconsider your relationship with your little ones!

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