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5 Cartoons that will help children believe in themselves


It’s very important for children to believe in themselves and their abilities, but it’s not always easy to do so. Some little ones may need extra motivation and inspiration to reach their goals and overcome difficulties. We’ve put together a selection of inspiring cartoons that will help children believe in themselves and become more confident in their abilities.


Motivational quotes from this cartoon have long been circulating on the internet, inspiring not only children, but also adults!

Mulan is a legendary heroine of ancient China who disguised herself as a man to join the Chinese army. At that time, there was a great war in the state, and by order of the emperor, one man from each family had to serve in the army. Seeing her sick father, Mulan took matters into her own hands, cut her hair short, put on her father’s clothes, and hid the sword. Trained by her father at an early age, Mulan was skilled in kung fu. Soon after, she was appointed general of the entire army. However, a strong fever swept through the Chinese army, and during treatment, the doctor discovered that she was a woman. When her secret was revealed, her comrades did not believe her and accused her of deceit. But at that moment, there was a sudden attack, and Mulan led the soldiers into battle. The battle was won, and since then Mulan has become a respected soldier and highly respected figure of the Chinese emperor.

To this day, Mulan is one of the successful motivational cartoons that continues to be remade.


The Disney hit “Ratatouille” rightfully belongs to the constellation of cartoons that will help a child believe in themselves. It tells the story of the adventurous journey of a rat named Remy in the center of Paris. Remy’s big family didn’t always support his ultimate life goal: to become a successful French chef. Although he faced many failures in his childhood, Remy persisted and worked towards his dream, regardless of what others said. The motivated rat leaves his family to go to his idol’s famous restaurant in hopes of making a career. Meeting Alfredo Linguini, a young and clumsy boy working at the restaurant, turns out to be a turning point in Remy’s life.

Critics have long classified “Ratatouille” as an inspiring cartoon because its main character proves that everyone is capable of achieving what they set out to do. The film teaches an important lesson of perseverance that should be projected onto its viewers. Remy constantly learns from his mistakes to improve his skills and become the best version of himself. His story begins in the sewer, but thanks to his determination to follow his dream, he can make his family proud.

Chicken RUN

Watching this animated movie is a great option for children’s entertainment within the family circle. This film will also appeal to adults, as it is full of warmth, soul, and witty humor, but also has a deep meaning, which rightfully makes it one of the animated movies that will help children believe in themselves.

The main message of the film is that the impossible is possible, the most important thing is to believe and act. The chicks, thanks to their hard work, dedication, determination, and courage, want to escape certain death. Throughout the film, they hatch an escape plan, but every attempt fails. As a result, Ginger (the organizer of the idea) spends countless days in solitary confinement. But does this stop her? No, on the contrary, it only makes her try her best, attempting to do something extremely difficult: climb over the fence, not crawl under it. Even when the odds are almost impossible, Ginger still holds onto hope.

How to train your Dragon

This movie belongs to the category of animated films that help children believe in themselves, showcasing the tremendous effort of the protagonist to improve himself.

Hiccup is the son of a tribe leader. Being different from others and lacking in physical strength, he tries to find other ways to be himself. He uses his intelligence and creativity to find a way to approach those who will always surpass him physically. Despite being the son of the tribe leader, no one sees him as a hero. On the contrary, they laugh at him, and even his own father thinks he is strange. It is this alienation from society that allows Hiccup to embark on a dangerous journey and find himself.


This is a good story with a happy ending. Dumbo is a small and cute elephant born in a circus. In all respects, he is identical to all other elephants in the world, except for one fact: he has huge ears. It is this characteristic that makes him a fantastic elephant. But he only realizes this when he discovers that he can use his ears to fly. Until then, these ears only brought him down, making him unhappy and disappointed.

If Dumbo had tried to cut off his ears to a normal size, his life would have been dull and insignificant. But keeping his special gifts made him a miracle.

Once, during a circus show, children began to tease the poor elephant. Dumbo’s mother, in a completely normal parental attempt to protect her child, began to beat them. The circus director placed her in isolation, and from that moment on, Dumbo was all alone. After the show, a little mouse came to Dumbo, and they became friends. From that moment on, the exciting adventures of Dumbo and the little mouse began. The tiny little mouse pushed Dumbo beyond his limits. She was the character who motivated him to fly.

This film has been one of the strongest motivational cartoons for many years.

We have compiled a selection of five cartoons that will help children believe in themselves. We also recommend reading articles for parents. Here you can find motivating compliments for your little ones, discover the key to unlocking new talents, and, accordingly, find motivation to move forward, as well as other useful tips to help your child be confident.

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