A collection of fun outdoor games for kids


Sun, fresh air, and water – that’s what we always need, which is why parents are already thinking about how to get their child to put down their smartphone and play outdoor games for kids during the summer.

Instead of a stuffy apartment, take your child to a playground or sports field, and instead of another gadget, give them a ball.

We know how to keep kids busy outside: read our article to find out how to approach children of different ages and even engage the most avid computer game lovers.

Fun outdoor games for children aged 3 to 7

Say goodbye to boredom and monotonous sitting at home: these active outdoor games for kids will even get the calmest child moving:

  • Cat and Mouse

Invite your little one’s friends and seat them on chairs or a bench in the yard. These will be their “dens” where the mice are hiding.

One of the kids (or you) can try playing the role of the “cat”.

While the cat is sleeping, the mice can play around in the yard. But as soon as the cat wakes up and meows, it’s time to hunt: the cat starts looking for the mice, who have to run to their “dens” in time.

This game teaches children to react to signals and run short distances.

  • Water guns

Outdoor games like these are perfect for 5-year-old children. Arm your group of kids with water blasters: they’re completely safe for children and those around them, and they’ll be especially useful during hot summer days.

  • Centipede

This is a great team game that will definitely appeal to the little ones because of its simplicity, lightheartedness, and fun teamwork. Plus, it develops motor skills and teaches children to react to signals in a timely manner.

Here’s what you need to do: first, choose a leader (it can be the mom/dad of one of the kids) who will give commands to our “centipede.”

Turn on some fun and upbeat music and let’s go!

Line up and listen to the leader’s commands:

  • “Raise your right legs, all centipedes!”
  • “Backward centipede!”
  • “Run forward!”
  • “The centipede is running in a circle!”

You can come up with any other tasks, as long as they are simple and all the little ones can easily do them.

  • Earth, Water, Air

This outdoor game is designed for 7-year-old children. Of course, younger kids can also play it as long as it’s easy and interesting for them.

Choose a leader, and the rest of the children line up around them.

The leader walks around this row of kids and says “earth, water, air” next to each one in turn. The child next to whom the leader stops must name an animal, fish, or bird from the category named by the leader.

For example, air – eagle, water – pike, earth – hedgehog, and so on.

  • Hot and Cold

This is a cool game where your group of kids has to find a hidden treasure.

First, choose the little person who will search for this treasure. During this time, other kids hide your treasure, and then with the help of words like “cold, warmer, hot, very hot,” they help the little one find the hidden treasure.

Outdoor games for children aged 8 to 12

If you’re raising elementary school students, we have some cool ideas to diversify their summer leisure time:

  • Twister

Left foot on red, right hand on blue. No, we’re not at a casino, we’re playing the most beloved outdoor game for 12-year-old kids.

You can team up with younger kids too. Actually, adults love playing it too!

This game is not only a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the group, but it also trains stretching and flexibility.

  • Frisbee

Children as young as 8 are often invited to play these outdoor games. Of course, it’s also suitable for older kids and the whole family.

What to do: take this flying disk with you to the beach, summer house, or playground and practice speed and agility.

It’s a great solution for a picnic in nature, organizing a birthday party, or any other children’s celebration.

  • Pioneers’ Ball

Pioneers’ Ball is a great game for 10-year-old kids spending time outside. It’s a simplified version of volleyball.

Divide the group into two teams, set up a net in the yard.

One team serves the ball over the net.

Your goal is to not let the ball fall on your territory and not get stuck in the net. The opposing team’s goal is to block your serve in the same way so that the ball flies over the net to your side.

If the team serves the ball incorrectly or fails to block the serve, the other team earns one point.

The team that earns the most points wins.

We’re sure your child will appreciate this option for organizing their leisure time!

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