Baby won’t sleep at night, how to establish a sleep routine


As your little one grows older, their routine starts to resemble that of the rest of their family. Although most babies at 12-14 months are already used to an “adult routine”, many young moms complain that their child sleeps poorly at night, is cranky, and cries.

This situation is not normal, so parents should address this issue. Insomnia can have many reasons: the main thing is to identify the one that is the main cause for your little one.

Why the baby sleeps poorly: causes of insomnia

According to pediatricians’ observations, about 20% of babies under the age of two can wake up and stay awake up to five times a week during nighttime sleep. The numbers are quite significant.

There may be several reasons why a 1-year-old baby sleeps poorly at night:

  • The baby does not have an established and stable daily routine.
  • The child is so used to your care that they simply do not know how to fall asleep on their own, which causes additional sleep problems.
  • Another possible reason why a 1-year-old baby sleeps poorly at night is discomfort. It is possible that an uncomfortable mattress, too high room temperature, prickly blanket, or low-quality children’s clothing can bother your little one.
  • Your son or daughter slept for too long during the day. This can lead to a shift in the usual daily routine, and your little one is just not ready to go to bed yet.
  • The baby played too much during the day and cannot relax and prepare for rest.
  • The baby feels unwell and is bothered by some kind of pain. In this case, the solution to your problem depends on the doctor’s diagnosis.

7 ways to improve your child’s sleep

No mother will feel comfortable if her child is sleeping poorly at night, waking up and crying. Now that you know the main causes of sleep disturbance, we will give you the most common ways to eliminate these causes.

  1. If your little one sleeps too long during the day, simply do not let them do it. No, we are not talking about a situation where the little person needs to completely give up their daytime nap. But if you find yourself in a situation where your child is sleeping for more than 2 hours, try to gently wake them up.
  2. If the reason your little one doesn’t want to sleep is due to the lack of a daily routine, it’s time for mom to work on this issue. A proper daily schedule is the key to harmonious existence for both mom and her child. A convenient schedule will allow the baby to feel comfortable and the parents to manage all their household chores and still feel energetic.
  3. Do not play active games in the second half of the day, as you risk overstimulating your child and they will want to play and frolic for a long time. Plan all activities for the first half of the day, so that your little one can live in a more measured and calm rhythm in the evening.
  4. Teach your little child to fall asleep on their own. In fact, this is one of the most difficult tasks for a young mother, but it is definitely necessary to solve. If you cannot handle this situation on your own, consult a pediatrician for advice.
  5. Nighttime sleep should not start later than 10:00 PM. Regardless of whether you are celebrating someone’s birthday, New Year, or another holiday, the little person should be in bed at the right time.
  6. Do not overfeed before bedtime. This is another possible cause of why your little sunshine is being fussy, crying and not wanting to fall asleep.
  7. If the reason is that your child is uncomfortable in their clothes, hurry up and replace them with quality items made of natural materials. This issue is fairly easy to solve – with the purchase of a comfortable children’s pajama, your child will easily adjust and fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

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