Children’s knitwear: properties and advantages of the material


When choosing clothes for your child, you’ve probably heard advice that the optimal option is products made from combed knitwear. You receive such advice for a reason: indeed, knitwear deserves all the enthusiastic reviews, as it provides a new level of comfort for your little one. No synthetic fabric, even the most modern one, can replace natural fabric and be as pleasant to wear.

Properties of high-quality knitwear for children

This indispensable fabric has been known since ancient times. You’ll be surprised, but archaeologists have found that the first knitwear products appeared as early as the 3rd century BC.

This fabric was a luxury for the wealthy for a long time, until the knitting machine was invented in 1589, significantly simplifying and cheapening the manufacturing process.

The material gained a new lease of life and popularity thanks to Coco Chanel, who introduced “jersey” knitwear sweaters into fashion.

Nowadays, the material is still relevant in adult fashion and has no equal in children’s clothing.

The phenomenon of knitwear’s popularity for children is quite simple:

  • The natural composition guarantees that your little one will not face irritation, redness, or allergies.
  • Comfort is not just a matter of composition. All items fit well, keep their original color for a long time, do not stretch or deform, which eliminates the possibility of further use. This is what makes knitwear great, and why parents love it – it performs well when worn. In other words, very practical things are made from this material.
  • Moreover, the material allows the designer to embody practically any fantasy. Children’s clothes can and should be stylish.
  • Another important advantage is that this fabric absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through, maintaining the necessary temperature balance. This is especially relevant for young children.

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