How to dress a child for daycare in the fall: basic wardrobe


With the onset of the first cold weather, all moms start to think about how to dress their child for daycare in the fall.

Daycare is a place where your little one learns independence, including in terms of clothing. The teacher will not be able to help all the children get dressed for a walk and undressed after it at the same time. Therefore, your child’s wardrobe should not only be beautiful but also as simple and comfortable as possible so that the child can handle it on their own.

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List of clothes for daycare for boys

During the fall season, clothes for daycare for boys should be purchased with possible weather changes in mind. The sun still shines bright enough but doesn’t warm up like before. Wind and rain, the constant companions of autumn, also affect the composition of the wardrobe.

We have prepared a universal list for you from which you will learn what clothes you need to buy for your child for daycare:

  • First layer – underwear. Your child will need underpants, socks, a vest or a T-shirt.
  • Second layer – intermediate. If the weather permits, you can put shorts on your son. If it’s cool outside, replace shorts with pants. When the weather becomes more winter-like, first put warm tights on your child, and then pants. On top, wear a turtleneck or sweater.
  • Third layer – top. This includes a hat, jacket or jumpsuit, boots, scarf, and gloves.

Also, don’t forget about pajamas and a spare set of clothes in case your little mischief maker gets dirty.

List of clothes for daycare for girls

We also thought about those parents who are raising a little princess.

From this list, you will learn what to dress your girl in for daycare:

  • Underwear: socks, panties, a vest or a T-shirt. In cool weather, a thin long-sleeved T-shirt.
  • Indoors: shorts and skirts under which you can wear warm tights. Dresses with short and long sleeves, under which you can also wear a turtleneck. Don’t forget about sweaters, jumpers, pants, or jeans.
  • Outerwear: jumpsuit or jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves.

In addition, please include pajamas and a change of clothes for the little girl in the kindergarten clothing list.

Now let’s talk about the characteristics that all these clothes should have.

  • Firstly, they should be comfortable: no buttons on the back, complicated fasteners, or anything that the child cannot handle independently. This also applies to sweaters and turtlenecks with narrow necklines. Covering the neck in autumn is good and right, but not at the expense of your child’s comfort.
  • Secondly, the garments should be practical: easy to wash, not prone to shedding, and able to maintain their original shape.
  • Thirdly, the clothing should be made of natural fabric that will not rub or cause irritation on the skin. Another requirement for such items is that they should allow good air circulation and retain moisture.

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