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How to dress a newborn for winter outings, home, and going home from the hospital


For new moms who give birth during the cold months, it’s important to know how to dress a newborn for winter outings, at home, and when going home from the hospital.

The first outfit that new parents choose is the one for leaving the hospital. This outfit will differ from the baby’s regular wardrobe, as it should be dressier than the others.

Additionally, you need to plan the baby’s wardrobe for all occasions: what clothes are appropriate for staying at home and what will be suitable for a winter walk.

This task is not an easy one, but it’s definitely achievable.

How to dress a newborn for leaving the hospital in winter

During the cold season, it’s not only about wanting to dress the baby in the most stylish clothes but also about their health and well-being.

When preparing the outfit for leaving the hospital, remember that your little one should feel just as comfortable in it as they do in their mother’s warm embrace.

No matter what the weather is like, it shouldn’t get in the way of the joy of the long-awaited event and the happy return home.

We’ve prepared an approximate list of items for you on how to dress a newborn for leaving the hospital in winter:

  • The first thing you will need is a diaper.
  • During the winter period, it’s worth considering bodysuits with long sleeves and knit jumpsuits.
  • To keep the baby’s feet warm, don’t forget to put socks over the jumpsuit.
  • A beanie should be worn on the head, and a warm hat will be needed for the baby before going outside.
  • A modern outfit can be a warm jumpsuit for babies or other special sets, such as sets of insulated tops and pants for infants, which look stylish and original.
  • Instead of a warm jumpsuit, you can also use a special outfit for the baby’s first outing, in which you can take many beautiful photos of your child.

The golden rule of winter wardrobe is that your baby’s outfit should be multi-layered. This will help to retain and preserve necessary warmth without letting cold air and wind through the clothes.

How to dress a newborn for a winter walk

After returning from the hospital, the baby should stay at home for the first few days so that their immune system adjusts to the new environment.

You can start preparing for the first walk two weeks after birth, provided that the weather permits and the temperature does not drop below -5°C.

If it is much colder outside, down to -15°C, you can dress the baby in warm clothes, place them in the stroller, and take them for a walk by opening a window or balcony door.

If the weather allows, be sure to take your baby outside, as these outings will be incredibly beneficial for your little one!

And now let’s talk about how to dress a newborn for a winter walk:

  1. The winter wardrobe for a baby consists of three layers. The first layer is the base layer, which includes a diaper, onesies, footed pajamas, or long-sleeved bodysuits. Don’t forget a hat for the head.
  2. The next layer is warm nursery sets consisting of a warm sweater with pants or jumpsuits for babies.
  3. Finally, the last layer is a winter jumpsuit for newborns and a warm hat. Also, don’t forget to add a warm blanket, quilt, or insulated envelope to the stroller.

Another important point is how to dress a newborn for winter outdoors: before dressing the baby, the mother should dress herself.

If you do it the other way around, the baby risks overheating and then feeling uncomfortable outside.

How to dress a newborn baby at home in winter

Although walks take up a lot of time, you will spend most of it at home.

That is why it is so important to pay special attention to choosing everyday items.

We will try to make your search for baby clothes a little easier and tell you how to dress a newborn correctly in winter:

  • The first and most important thing is the material. The most optimal option for a baby is clothes that were made without the use of synthetics. The latter may be allowed for the outermost protective layer, but not as underwear or a jumpsuit that you put on top of bodysuits and leggings. The optimal option is knitwear made of natural hypoallergenic material that allows the skin to breathe, does not cause irritation or redness.
  • Since babies need to be changed frequently, choose items that can be easily taken off and put on.
  • All clothes should fit well and not restrict the movements of the little one.

And now we move on directly to compiling a wardrobe for the littlest ones. It depends largely on the temperature in your home. The optimal temperature is 18-22°C.

At this temperature, put a diaper, a knit bodysuit, leggings, and a hat on your little one.

As for home clothing, knit jumpsuits are perfect for layering over the base layer. Experiment – it will allow you to create a wardrobe that you and your baby will love!

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