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How to dress a newborn in the fall: tips from experienced moms


Summer and hot days are behind us, which means that young mothers should start thinking about how to dress their newborns in the fall, so that they won’t be too cold or too hot.

Today we will talk about the basics of a baby’s wardrobe and figure out what a little one will need for the trip home and how to dress them for a walk.

How to dress a newborn for a walk in the fall

Choosing clothes for a baby is a responsible task, because the health and comfort of a little person depends directly on what you dress them in.

First, let’s figure out how to properly dress the baby for a walk:

  • Watch the weather

Autumn is an extremely changeable time of year. Just 5 minutes ago the sun was shining, and now the sky is covered with clouds and a cold heavy rain is not far off…

  • Dress yourself first

Infants have not yet developed their heat exchange. Don’t make them sweat under 3 layers of clothing while you’re getting ready to go outside.

  • Add one more layer of clothing

You could say that this is the golden rule of young mothers whose babies are not yet six months old. And it will still be relevant after that.

  • The nose, neck, and hands should not be cold

If you notice that the baby’s hands or nose are cold, a warm blanket will definitely not hurt.

Now let’s talk about how to dress a newborn for a walk in the fall. Here, everything depends on the mother’s choice. However, the little sunshine’s wardrobe should include a long-sleeved bodysuit or onesie, a sweater, a warm set or jumpsuit, a hat, socks, and anti-scratch mittens.

How to dress a newborn for discharge in the fall

If you are about to become a mother, you may be interested to know how experienced mothers advise dressing a newborn for discharge in September:

  • Diaper
  • Thin jumpsuit or top/pants
  • For a girl, a dress is also an option
  • Hat
  • Blanket or fancy wrap

Let’s not forget about other autumn months, such as how to dress a newborn for discharge in October. By this time, the baby should already have two layers of clothing:

  • First layer – diaper, onesie, and thin pants made of lightweight fabric
  • Second layer – more dense clothing: a fancy set or a jumpsuit

Don’t forget about a hat, socks, a blanket, or a quilt.

For those who don’t know how to dress a newborn for discharge in November:

  • Diaper
  • Closed onesie made of natural fabrics
  • Lightweight hat, over which you will put a more dense hat
  • Wrap shirt
  • Socks and mittens
  • Warm jumpsuit
  • Cozy blanket

We wish you the brightest moments with your little one, unforgettable emotions, and true maternal happiness!

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