How to dress twins correctly


In every family, the birth of a child is always the most important, significant, and joyful event. And if fate has blessed you with twins, then this joy is doubled, along with the double concerns and worries. One of the urgent issues in caring for twins is choosing children’s clothing. As you know, clothing not only performs a protective function, but also shapes a child’s worldview.

Dressing twins differently or the same?

Twins always attract the attention of passers-by not only with their similarity, but also with their identical outfits. Parents often ask themselves whether it is right to dress them in identical clothing. The opinions of psychologists in this case vary. Most of them believe that each child is a unique individual with their own character, needs, and talents. Therefore, each twin needs their own clothing to realize their own identity. However, there is an opposing view. Its essence is that by dressing twins identically, conflicts arising between children due to competition can be avoided. Therefore, it is best to find a middle ground in each age period and come up with your own solutions to the problem.

  • The First Year of Life. At this age, twins do not yet understand what they are wearing, and for them, comfort and coziness are the most important things. Therefore, the choice is entirely up to the parents. You can choose matching onesies, but wear, for example, hats of different colors. The main thing is for the babies to look harmonious together.
  • After the first year. It is recommended to purchase several sets of similar clothes for children. At this age, the little one already has their own views and tastes, so your child may not want to wear what mom gives them. To avoid tears and tantrums, offer several options of pants in different colors. In addition, a spare set will come in handy when one of the twins gets dirty.
  • Around three years old. The baby already needs their own personal space, toys, and clothes. Therefore, it is necessary for each child to choose for themselves and know that one brother has a sweater with a tiger on it, and the other has a dog.
  • For older children, it is essential to allocate their own shelves or drawers for clothes. Things should be purchased together, taking into account the tastes and wishes of each child. This will help them develop their own style and express their individuality.

Rules for choosing clothes for twins

If the children are of different genders, then the decision will be straightforward. Traditionally, blue shades are chosen for boys, and pink for girls. It is easier and more convenient for parents to buy matching pants, jackets, dresses, or suits, than to look for different items of the same size that must necessarily harmonize with each other. However, for the proper and harmonious upbringing of twins, it is better to follow these tips:

  • Recommendations from child psychologists are not a dogma, so at an early age, identical sets of clothes, especially for special occasions or a photo session, bring delight and joy to parents and those around them.
  • Choose similar but not identical items (for example, the same cut but in different colors, or the same style but with different prints).
  • If the outfits have identical decoration, let one detail of the outfit differ (for example, a bandana, scarf, or socks).
  • As children grow, buy them different models of clothes, but with a unified stylistic direction.
  • Always respect the child’s opinion and take their preferences into account – if one likes a sporty style and the other prefers classic, do not force them to dress the same.

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