How to soothe a crying baby


Sooner or later, every family faces the challenge of not knowing how to calm a crying baby. Even the most experienced parents can’t feel calm when they see their little one’s tears. It breaks your heart when your helpless and tiny infant suddenly starts crying so hard and bitterly.

Today, we will help you understand why your little one suddenly becomes more capricious and fussy, and tell you what you need to do to make them feel comfortable again.

Why is the baby crying: finding the possible cause

To calm your little one, parents need to understand why the baby is crying. Of course, babies won’t cry for no reason. And often, crying is a kind of signal for mom or dad to pay attention to their baby and find out what exactly is bothering them.

The most common reasons why a newborn baby cries:

  • Just a couple of minutes ago, your little one was crying but quickly calmed down after you picked them up and put them to your breast. In this case, the reason was simply that the little human wanted to eat. This can happen not only when it’s time for the next feeding. It’s possible that your baby didn’t eat enough last time and is now attracting your attention to get a little more.
  • Can’t figure out why your newborn is crying after feeding? One possibility is that the baby is bothered by colic. In addition, this can happen with dysbiosis, constipation, or lactase deficiency. In all of these cases, you should consult your doctor.
  • Many parents also complain that their baby sleeps poorly at night and wakes up crying. If you’re facing this problem for the first time and don’t understand why your newborn is crying in their sleep, check their diaper or blankets. Teething can also disturb infants from resting; during this period, many babies sleep poorly at night and become more restless.
  • It’s possible that your little one is uncomfortable in their baby clothes: they don’t fit well, interfere, are too hot or too cold.
  • If your baby isn’t suffering from colic, has recently eaten, and everything is okay with their diaper and clothes, then you should consult a pediatrician. It’s possible that something is bothering your baby, and only your doctor can determine the cause.

Ways to calm a crying baby

The first thing a mom should do is pick up her little one. Usually, after that, children calm down quickly.

If that doesn’t work, try one of the following ways to calm a crying newborn:

  1. Feed the little one or give them a pacifier. Feeding is a surefire way to calm even the fussiest baby.
  2. Try to calm your baby. You can sing a lullaby or read them a story. This method is especially useful when a mom doesn’t know how to calm a crying baby at night. The thing is, a mother’s voice has a positive effect on her child’s emotional state: the baby heard it for all 9 months while inside the mother’s belly. And now perceives the mother’s singing as something calm and safe.
  3. Massage your baby’s back and pat them – simple touches of a mother’s loving hands will help them feel much better.
  4. Try swaddling the baby. This unique cocoon will give the baby a feeling of calm, protection, and warmth.
  5. Take care of comfort: maybe your little angel is uncomfortable lying down. Try to make them as comfortable as possible in the crib or rock them in your arms first. Make sure the room where your baby is has the right temperature – 18-19°C. At the same time, the humidity should be within 50-70%. If you’ve tried to put your baby to sleep in your arms, but it doesn’t help and you don’t know how to calm a crying baby, change their clothes.

To ensure your baby grows up healthy, it’s crucial to choose the right clothing for newborns. It should be made exclusively from natural materials that allow air to circulate, don’t cause irritation, redness or allergies, absorb moisture, and maintain the necessary heat exchange for infants.

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