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Ideas for an Advent calendar: How to make it interesting for the whole family


The most beloved holiday of the year is just around the corner – Christmas. It’s a time of wonder, family stories, and happiness, and there are many good and kind traditions associated with it. One of them is the Advent calendar, a tradition that has evolved from a religious one into a family one, and for many families, it has become a favorite pastime.

What is an Advent calendar? This calendar was originally used in Europe to track the days between Advent (usually December 1st) and Christmas (December 24th). But in addition to its main function, since the mid-twentieth century, Advent calendars have also become a way to please loved ones with small surprises and entertain them with the completion of small and cute tasks.

According to tradition, Advent calendars are created with small pockets or compartments for each day. Inside these compartments, you can store mini gifts, leave wishes, or tasks. Despite the fact that there are many types of Advent calendars available for purchase, calendars made by hand look especially great. Moreover, it is not difficult to make them, and there are simply many ideas for creating them!

And we will share some of them with you in our article.

5 original ideas for an Advent calendar made by hand

So, how to make a beautiful and interesting Advent calendar? Let’s start with the shape. Classic calendars can be rectangular, but don’t limit yourself to just the classics! Advent calendars in the shape of a Christmas tree (or stylized as one) look thematically and original. You can also make such a calendar in the form of a series of cells (and practically anything can be used as compartments).

We will tell you about 5 ideas for your Advent calendar, which are easy to make by hand.

Idea #1: Calendar-houses

You will need cardboard, glue, templates of houses, decorations, and rope to hang the houses on the wall, or a flat box to place them.

  • Make 24 identical cardboard houses and decorate them in a winter style.
  • Make a door on each house and label it with a number.
  • Hang the houses on the rope on the wall (you can give it any shape), and put sweets or mini-cards with wishes and tasks inside each one.

Idea #2: Christmas tree calendar

If you have enough space to set up a large cardboard Christmas tree against the wall, let’s make an advent calendar in that shape!

You will need sturdy cardboard for the frame, and for compartments for each day on the tree, you can attach hollow balls and stars – surprises and tasks will be placed inside them. The calendar-tree can also be folded from boxes, placing them in the shape of a pyramid.

The main thing is to stock up on the necessary number of boxes and label the dates.

Idea #3: Textile panel calendar

You have probably seen textile organizers for various useful little things. And this idea can be confidently taken as the basis for your advent calendar if you have at least basic sewing skills.

For the organizer-calendar, you will need a dense fabric base, preferably in traditional Christmas colors. Several dense ribbons will also come in handy – on which the calendar will be hung on the wall. And, of course, 24 bright square patches of fabric, from which you can make and sew pockets onto the base.

This kind of organizer looks very cute and will serve you for more than one year.

Idea #4: Hanging advent calendar with boots

Christmas stockings and boots are some of the most beloved types of decor for winter holidays. They are easy to make yourself from felt, craft paper, cardboard, knit, or sew. Plus, they are readily available in stores with Christmas decor.

So, if you have 24 boots, all that’s left is to find either a rope of the required length or a beautiful long branch on which you can hang our boots – one for each day from Advent to Christmas.

Idea #5: Classic house-shaped calendar

The first Advent calendars were often made in the form of tea houses. If you have such a house in your household, consider half the work already done. If not, you can make a calendar from a large sturdy box, dividing it into sections with cardboard inserts. Then, make doors from craft paper in different colors and put nice little things inside.

What to put inside the Advent calendar?

It all depends on the size of the calendar compartments and your imagination. These can be miniature toys for children, sweets, or mini greeting cards with wishes. You can come up with fun tasks for each day, make mini-quests. And most importantly, your calendar should be filled with love that you want to share with your loved ones!

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