List of items for a newborn in summer: what to wear on a walk and at home


In order to be prepared for the arrival of your little one, parents need to plan ahead and create a list of items for a newborn in summer. It’s best to do this before the baby is born because you will have other things to worry about afterwards.

We decided to help you out and suggest what items are needed for the trip home, what falls under essential items, and what would be convenient for home or outdoor use.

What to dress a newborn in for the trip home in summer

The trip home is the first important event in your baby’s life.

On this day, they will leave the walls of the hospital to go home with their beloved mom and dad.

To ensure that this event is remembered only in the best possible way, you need to prepare a list of items for a newborn in the hospital for summer.

We recommend dressing your little one in the following way:

  • On the head – a fancy cap or bow for a girl;
  • On the body – a cute onesie, newborn set, jumpsuit, or fancy dress;
  • On the legs – socks.

You can also wrap your baby in a beautiful blanket.

List of first things for a newborn in summer

Surely you want to buy almost all the beautiful updates to please your little one!

We recommend going a different route and optimizing the list of items for your newborn for the first few months of summer. There is no need to rush to buy a lot of clothes and other accessories for your baby:

  • Many things will be gifted to you by your relatives and godparents. And since babies grow quickly, you may not have time to try on all the updates.
  • Some things may not fit your baby. Or they may seem uncomfortable to you. Agree, it will be sad to buy many models and practically not wear them, preferring more comfortable items in your opinion. Of course, this does not mean that you should refuse to buy! Just take 2-3 options of each model and test them to see which one you like.

To save you from worrying about purchases, we have compiled a list of the first necessary things for a newborn in summer:

  • Crib and mattress
  • Car seat (if you will be traveling by car)
  • Stroller
  • Baby bathtub
  • Blanket and bedding for the crib
  • Receiving blankets: a few thin and warm ones
  • Disposable diapers
  • Diaper
  • Crib sheets
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Bathing towel
  • Feeding bottles
  • Blanket or throw for the stroller
  • Rattles
  • Hygiene products: diaper rash cream, herbal bath infusion, baby soap, etc.
  • Clothes: jumpsuits, sets of pants and shirts, newborn bodysuits, sleepers, rompers, socks and mittens, hats and caps.

How to dress a newborn for outdoor activities in the summer

Going for walks can give your newborn a boost of energy, make them calmer, and promote their health. However, to protect their fragile immune system, it’s important for a mother to know what to dress their newborn in for summer strolls.

We recommend purchasing only knitwear for your baby:

  • This natural fabric is perfect for sensitive skin. Rashes, redness, itchiness, or allergies won’t be a concern.
  • Infants’ thermoregulation doesn’t function like adults. Knitwear helps in this regard, ensuring your baby won’t get too cold or overheated during summer walks.
  • The fabric is breathable and absorbs excess moisture, making your little one feel exceptionally comfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at what clothing items are necessary for a newborn this summer.

We’ll tell you how to dress a newborn in different temperatures:

  • 20°C — a onesie or a bodysuit with pants. For undergarments, use a onesie. A thin hat or cap for the head and socks for the feet will do.
  • 25°C — a bodysuit, cap, and onesie pants will be comfortable for your little one. Socks are necessary for the feet. Don’t forget to bring a knit sweater in case the temperature drops.
  • 30°C — this is quite a high temperature, so don’t overdress your baby. A onesie and a sun hat will suffice.

Bring a change of clothes for your baby on the walk, so you can change them if they get dirty. A blanket and swaddle will also come in handy for wrapping up your little one.

How to dress a newborn for summer at home

The choice of clothing for home depends on how warm or cold the room is.

Here’s how to dress a newborn for summer at home in the heat. For this purpose, we purchase:

  • Bodysuit
  • Hat
  • Socks

Sometimes your baby can lie naked on a diaper to take air baths.

Ideally, the room shouldn’t be too hot. On the contrary, the room should have fresh, slightly cool air.

Try to keep the room temperature within 18-20°C.

  • In this case, the baby will be comfortable in a bodysuit, hat, and socks.
  • As an alternative to a bodysuit, you can wear a onesie and leggings.

Now, let’s talk about how to dress a newborn for summer at home at night. The baby will be comfortable in a newborn sleeper and a lightweight cotton hat. The main thing is not to overheat, so in the summer, avoid clothing with a pile, preferring breathable knit fabrics.

Now you can be confident that you have put together the right and comfortable wardrobe tailored to all the needs of your little angel.

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