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New Year’s studio photo session with a child: original ideas and outfits


If you want the main winter holiday to be remembered by your little one for a lifetime, then a New Year’s studio photo session with a child is exactly what you need.

Bright and colorful photos will help you immerse yourself in the unique Christmas atmosphere again and feel as happy as you did in childhood.

To make the shoot successful, parents need to prepare a little: choose suitable outfits for themselves and the little one, as well as think ahead about ideas that you would like to capture during the photo session.

All of this is covered in our article.

Family New Year’s photo session with a child: preparation stages

An event such as a family New Year’s photo session with a child requires careful preparation.

  • First, you need to choose a photographer: review their portfolio and see if their style matches the image you have in your head. If you don’t have any specific preferences and just want it to “look beautiful,” it’s still worth checking the photographer’s portfolio and talking to them to see if you will be comfortable working with them.
  • The next stage is to choose a photo studio. Typically, the photographer either has their own studio or you can rent one that you like. It’s also important to consider the size of the room. For example, if you are planning a family New Year’s photo session with children, it may be difficult to fit everyone in if the studio or location is small.
  • It’s important to schedule a suitable time. This is especially relevant when it comes to a New Year’s photo session with a young child. The thing is, infants and one-year-olds have their own daily routines, which you should try not to disrupt. Therefore, ask the photographer if they are available during the hours that work best for your little one’s schedule.

Ideas for a New Year’s photo shoot with a child

You can discuss with the photographer in advance how your photo shoot will go and make a list of what you definitely want to do.

We have gathered the most relevant ideas for you:

  • Decorate the Christmas tree. If your child is over a year old, you can hang decorations or garlands on the tree together. It’s not necessary to constantly look at the camera: real, natural poses for a New Year’s photo shoot with a child will help convey how the whole family interacts with each other.
  • Make festive desserts. This is a great option for older kids who can play the role of mommy’s assistant: help shape cookies into Christmas trees, bears, or snowmen.
  • Give beautifully wrapped gifts. Many studios already have this prop that you can use for your shoot. In addition, you can secretly buy a gift for your little one and wrap it beautifully, and then let them open your box of surprises in the studio. We’re sure that the happy emotions that will be captured in the photos will stay with you for life!
  • Play winter games. For example, “building” a snowman, catching snowflakes, or sledding – do whatever your little one likes and looks dynamic in photos!
  • Pose beautifully. This is a great solution for a New Year’s photo shoot with an infant. Such babies cannot fully participate in all the activities we mentioned above. Therefore, in this case, it’s better to just take a few beautiful shots where you pose as the photographer suggests. Since infants spend most of their time sleeping, children’s photographers have learned to take pictures of babies while they are resting. You have probably seen such shots from a New Year’s photo shoot with a child under a year old, where the newborn is sweetly sleeping in a beautifully decorated Christmas basket.

Outfits for a New Year’s photoshoot with a child

Now let’s talk about what to wear for a New Year’s photoshoot with children:

  • You can create a coordinated look in one style – a Christmas “family look”. To do this, choose clothes for all family members that are similar in style and color.
  • If you will be shooting indoors, be sure to bring shoes: a formal dress and nylon tights without shoes look very strange. This rule also applies to dads – they also need to bring a change of shoes.
  • If you have already decided on the location of the shoot, put together an outfit that will harmoniously fit into the studio atmosphere. A formal evening dress will not look good where you will be posing against the backdrop of sleds or “skiing” on improvised skis.
  • In a New Year’s family photoshoot, it is very important to think through your outfits with your children. For example, you can make your little one the key figure of your company by dressing them in bright holiday clothes. Choose comfortable clothes for your child that they will feel comfortable in and be happy to pose for photos in. The optimal option is New Year’s clothing for toddlers and clothes for older children made from quality knitwear. They fit well, provide the necessary warmth exchange, do not cause allergies, and look great in the frame!

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