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Newborn baby’s daily routine in the first months of life


Parents who have recently welcomed a newborn into their home may be interested in learning about what the daily routine of a newborn should be in the first months of life.

We will discuss how much sleep a baby needs, when to feed your little one and go for a walk, and also what items your baby will need during this time.

The first month of life: feeding and care

If you have recently become parents, it is possible that your newborn’s daily schedule is causing you worry and excessive anxiety. Many new parents struggle with figuring out how to soothe their baby to sleep peacefully at night, when to feed them, and when to go for a walk.

However, there is nothing complicated about this, and the sooner you get your baby into a routine, the sooner you will forget about the lack of free time and be able to fully enjoy all the joys of motherhood.

Newborn’s daily routine in the first month:

  • Sleep

Most of the time during this period, the baby will be sleeping. As a rule, babies sleep for 18-20 hours a day. Of course, most of this time is at night.

To make their sleep peaceful and sweet, from the second half of the day, there should be a calm atmosphere in the house: do not make noise, do not listen to loud music, etc. This will help the baby calm down and prepare for a long rest. During nighttime feedings, avoid bright light and use a night light.

  • Feeding

Doctors recommend feeding the little one on demand. On average, mothers report that babies eat 6-8 times a day at this age.

  • Bathing

The ideal time for hygiene procedures is in the evening before bedtime.

  • Going for Walks

Your outings in the fresh air are a guarantee that your little one will grow up healthy and strong. The first walk can be organized a week after discharge from the hospital. It should last 10-15 minutes. Gradually, with each new day, you will increase the amount of time spent outdoors.

What does a baby need in the first months of life?

Young families who are preparing to become parents usually try to purchase all necessary items for their newborn in advance. Typically, this list includes:

  • High-quality baby clothes: onesies, sleepers, bodysuits, socks and scratch mittens, rompers, sets, hats and caps
  • Feeding accessories: bottles, cups, and nipples if necessary
  • Baby food if needed
  • Stroller and crib
  • Hygiene items: disposable wipes, blankets, diapers, etc.

Let’s focus more on baby clothes, as the little one grows quickly and also soils clothes quickly, so a good amount will be needed.

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