Sizes of clothes for newborns by months


One of the important questions that every mother faces is what size of clothes for newborns will fit her little one.

If you have already chosen a stroller, a crib, and other accessories, it’s time to think about the baby’s wardrobe, which will help you surround the little one with warmth, love, and care.

What size of clothes to buy for newborns

Each manufacturer has its own size chart, so if you are wondering what size of clothes for newborns to choose, first of all, focus on your child’s height.

Of course, before the birth of the little one, it will be difficult for parents to guess which clothes will fit him. During the pregnancy, an ultrasound can only give you approximate numbers.

We will try to help you and give you a little guidance on what size of clothes for newborns will be needed in the hospital.

  • When buying clothes for boys or girls, be sure to take into account that boys are usually born a little larger.
  • Often, newborns have a height within 56 cm (average height is 51-55 centimeters). In rare cases – a little larger, up to 60 cm. Look for items that correspond to the above-mentioned figures. To measure your baby’s height, lay them on a flat surface, take a tape measure, and measure the little one from the top of their head to their heels.
  • We understand how much you want to give your baby the best. However, until you “meet” your little angel, do not rush to empty all the shelves with baby clothes in the store. It is better to take a couple of items of different sizes and find out on practice what your baby will need. You can buy several bodysuits, 2-3 pairs of socks and mittens, a couple of hats/caps thinner and denser, 3 soft jumpsuits or sets, one or two knitted sweaters, and a couple of pants.

Before we delve into the sizes of children’s clothing, let’s recall a few universal rules for choosing clothes:

  • Material. Let’s start by saying – no synthetics! It’s a real enemy to delicate and sensitive baby skin. Give preference to high-quality children’s knitwear. What’s so good about this fabric? It doesn’t cause allergies, irritations, or redness. Dressing your baby in such clothes, you don’t have to worry about the clothes affecting their health negatively.
  • Natural materials promote proper thermoregulation, which hasn’t yet been established in the smallest babies. Knitted clothing is the key to ensuring that your baby doesn’t sweat or overheat or, conversely, freeze too much. The fabric absorbs moisture well and allows air to circulate, enabling the baby’s skin to “breathe.”
  • All knitted items are comfortable to wear, do not twist or deform. A good fit to the body ensures that your baby feels only comfort.
  • Also, pay attention to garments with outward seams. They won’t injure the skin.
  • At the beginning, it’s better not to buy items with multiple fasteners, buttons, and snaps. Priority should be given to slightly loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Therefore, we do not recommend buying narrow-necked items for the smallest babies.

Size chart for newborn clothing

As we’ve already mentioned, each knitwear factory has its own sizes.

In this article, you’ll find a table with sizes of clothing for newborns by months, which will help you orient yourself and avoid making mistakes when buying.

For your convenience, we also indicate the chest circumference (which you can measure with a regular centimeter tape). All babies are different, so we’ve also taken into account your baby’s weight, which can be estimated by the chest volume.

Infants up to 3 months old.

Height, in centimetersChest circumference, in centimetersAge of your little one, in months
5636These items will only be needed for 1 month
6240From 1 to 3 months. In some cases, such clothing is suitable for larger newborns.

From 3 months to 2 years

Height, in centimetersChest circumference, in centimetersAge of your little one, in months

We usually indicate sizes like this: 56-36 (where the first number is the height, and the second number is the chest circumference).

We hope that this size chart for baby clothes up to one year old will help you easily understand what your baby needs.

Another important item in a baby’s wardrobe is hats. To choose a suitable cap or hat, you also need to measure your child’s head circumference.

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