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Step-by-step guide on how to bathe a newborn baby


As a new mother, you may have wondered how to bathe your newborn baby in a way that not only benefits them but also brings joy. Being in the water makes your little one feel safe and reminds them of the wonderful time they spent in their mother’s womb. That’s why it’s so important to make bath time enjoyable and allow mom to bond even more with her baby.

How to bathe a newborn baby in a tub for the first time

While you were in the hospital, the midwife took care of many tasks for your baby. When you get home, many mothers wonder how to bathe their newborn after leaving the hospital. This procedure raises many questions and concerns. Parents are afraid of damaging the umbilical cord stump and, for this reason, try not to wet the skin around the stump until it has fully healed.

In reality, water should not be a source of concern for you. On the contrary, it helps maintain the cleanliness of your little one’s body, strengthens their immunity, relaxes and relieves tension, and reduces muscle tone.

To begin with, let’s talk about what your baby will need in the bathroom:

  • Purchase a baby bathtub. It will make your water procedures much more pleasant and safe.
  • Make sure your son or daughter has all the necessary bath accessories: a warm, fluffy towel, baby shampoo, special soap or gel, diaper cream, etc.
  • Don’t forget to buy a thermometer, which you will need to measure the room temperature and monitor the water temperature in your baby bathtub.
  • If possible, buy a textile lounger. It will support your little one in a comfortable position for bathing and free up your hands.
  • Another convenient bath accessory is a visor. It will protect your angel’s eyes from water drops and make hair washing much more enjoyable. Even if you haven’t bought it before bathing your newborn at home for the first time, it will still come in handy in the future!

How to correctly bathe a newborn baby:

  • Before you start bathing your baby, pediatricians recommend laying the baby on their stomach for a few minutes and giving them a massage or doing some exercises.
  • An important point when bathing newborns up to one month old, as well as older babies, is to first wash their genital area separately. Note that you should wash a girl from front to back.
  • Now, on to how to properly bathe a newborn baby in a tub for the first time. Don’t rush to wash your baby quickly. Try to gently lower the baby into the tub, watching how your little one reacts to the new environment and the temperature of the water. If you rush and lower the baby into the water too quickly, it may scare your angel and they may not like bath time later on.
  • Gently lather the body with a soft sponge or washcloth. Work on every crease, the skin on the folds of the arms and legs. But you can also do without soap.
  • The face should be washed separately.
  • After bathing, it’s important to rinse the baby in clean water.
  • At the end of the procedure, wrap your baby in a towel and gently pat them dry. Do not rub your baby vigorously to avoid damaging their sensitive skin. Be sure to pat dry every crease, treat the umbilical cord stump, and dress your little one in clean baby clothes.

What temperature to bathe a newborn baby

Don’t know what water temperature to bathe your newborn baby in? Some families try to boil water for each bath, but considering the fact that you have to bathe your baby every day, this becomes a rather tiresome task.

You can bathe your baby in plain water or make an herbal decoction. In questions of phytotherapy, it’s better to consult a pediatrician: if your baby is doing fine, there is no need for herbs. Herbal decoctions are usually used for weakened immunity, frequent regurgitation, hypotonic or hypertonic skin, skin diseases, etc.

Now, on to what temperature to bathe your newborn baby:

  • Room temperature: +22°-23°C.
  • Water temperature for the first dip in the tub: +37°C. You can gradually lower the temperature to +34-35°C later.
  • If you want to harden your little one, bathe them in water at +26°-30°C. Always pay attention to your son or daughter’s reaction. There should be no negative emotions from bath time!

How often to bathe a newborn baby

Another question that worries young parents is how often to bathe a newborn baby before one month old.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bathing is necessary every day. This applies not only to infants before one month old, but also to babies up to their first six months of life.
  • Not sure how often to bathe a newborn baby with soap? No more than 1-2 times a week. For this purpose, you will need a pH-neutral baby soap or a special gel.
  • What’s important to know about how often to bathe a newborn baby depending on the season? In summer, it should be done daily. At other times of the year: every other day for children after six months, and every day for infants up to six months.
  • Try to wash your little one at the same time each day to establish a routine.

With our tips, you’ll be able to establish an even closer bond with your little one and be confident that they’re enjoying their bath time!

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