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What a baby needs in daycare: a list of items for the group, outdoor activities, and nap time.


Before sending your little son or daughter to daycare, every mother asks themselves, “What does my baby need in daycare?”

The speed at which your little angel adapts to the new environment directly depends on how well you prepare their wardrobe.

Don’t believe it? Remember how your child cried when their favorite toy was taken away (and how quickly they calmed down once it was returned).

Or another example: you’ve probably noticed that your little one became more temperamental when they were uncomfortable in their clothing.

So let’s figure out together what to buy for daycare to ensure that your child’s adaptation to the daycare goes smoothly and without unnecessary stress.

What does a child who goes to daycare need for outdoor walks?

Going to a preschool is a grand event in the life of every little one. Your child is embarking on a new chapter in their life: they are becoming more independent and learning to live without constant parental control.

That is why it is so important to know what a 2-year-old child needs in daycare. Your task is to assemble a wardrobe in such a way that the little person can easily handle it:

  • We recommend avoiding items with lots of fasteners: look for items that are easy to put on and take off without any outside help.
  • Also, do not choose clothes that are too tight or too loose. When it comes to clothes for outdoor walks, it’s simple: if the clothes are too tight, the child won’t be able to wear a thick warm sweater, and loose clothes won’t provide adequate warmth.

So, what does a 2-year-old child need in daycare?

  • Outdoor footwear

It all depends on the season: waterproof boots will come in handy in the fall and winter, sneakers with velcro closures in the spring, and sandals in the summer.

  • Headwear

In cold weather, it’s a warm hat, and in summer, a cap or Panama hat that protects from the sun.

  • Outerwear

For example, a warm jumpsuit or set of windproof pants and a jacket for winter, a lightweight jacket and windbreaker for spring. Also, the child must have a raincoat.

  • Other accessories

This includes a scarf, mittens or gloves. By the way, it’s best to get two pairs of gloves, as children often play active games and mittens can quickly get wet.

What a child needs in daycare: list of items for the group

Most of the time, your little one will be spending time in a group with their peers and caregivers. Therefore, this part of their wardrobe requires special attention.

Here’s what you should buy for your child in daycare:

  • Comfortable knitwear clothes

We recommend this fabric, as it’s the most suitable for making clothes for the little ones. Consider the following: knitwear does not cause redness, irritation, or allergies. The fabric absorbs moisture well and allows air to circulate. Clothes made of this material fit well, do not slip or twist. They will provide the baby with the comfort they need right now.

  • Favorite toys

With them, the little one will feel much more confident and happier. The main thing is that the toys do not have small parts, sharp corners, or rough edges.

  • Stationery

Simple pencils, cardboard, playdough, and colored paper will make your little one’s leisure time even more interesting and diverse.

And now let’s take a closer look at the list of clothing items to buy for your child in daycare:

  • Underwear: underwear, onesies, t-shirts, and tank tops. During the cold months, you can replace the t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck with a wide enough neckline (it will be easier for your little one to take it off by themselves).
  • A soft, comfortable tracksuit without tight elastic or cuffs.
  • Sweaters, pullovers, blouses, as well as pants for colder weather.
  • Tights and socks.
  • Shorts and t-shirts for warm spring and summer days.
  • Indoor shoes.

You can get more details about what and how many items to buy for your little one by talking to the caregiver in your group.

Also, make sure your little one has a spare set of clothes in case they get messy.

Do children need sleepwear for daycare?

When preparing a wardrobe for your little one going to daycare, many parents are not entirely sure what their child needs.

In particular, we are talking about children’s pajamas.

We recommend that you definitely purchase this item of clothing. It will come in handy for your little one during cold weather: it will keep them warm and help them settle in for naptime.

In the summer, instead of pajamas, your child can sleep in a comfortable t-shirt and loose shorts. However, we would still recommend separate sleepwear for hygiene purposes.

Now you know everything your child needs for daycare.

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