What to give a pregnant woman


Women who are expecting a baby are going through the most wonderful but also the most important and responsible period of their lives. They want to feel safe, cared for, and supported by their loved ones. Over the course of 9 months, there may be many holidays: International Women’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day. It is worth taking a closer look at gift ideas for a pregnant woman.

What to give an expectant mother

Choosing a present for a pregnant woman should be done with special care, as a woman in an interesting position tends to be sentimental, sensitive, and easily offended. To avoid making a mistake in what to give an expectant mother, it is recommended to consider a number of requirements that the gift should meet:

  • Be useful and necessary.
  • Improve the woman’s mood.
  • Not point out any flaws in her appearance: skin problems, stretch marks, or hair loss.
  • Be pleasant and have an attractive design.

If you can please a woman who is carrying a child, she will be very happy, and positivity is necessary for both the future mother and the baby during this period. Nowadays, many people prefer to make a list of their wishes in advance and show it to guests invited to the celebration, so that they do not have any questions about what to give a pregnant woman. In this case, it is difficult not to please with a gift.

Top 15 best gifts for a pregnant woman

It’s important to take into account the preferences of the woman: her hobbies, lifestyle, and financial situation. These are the main points that need to be considered in order to please the expectant mother. The list of gifts is as follows:

  1. A beautiful box containing items for the newborn baby.
  2. Jewelry precision scale.
  3. Tickets to a movie for an interesting film.
  4. A book for new parents.
  5. Yoga class subscription.
  6. Professional photo shoot.
  7. T-shirt with a funny slogan.
  8. A good kitchen appliance is the perfect gift for a pregnant colleague.
  9. Spacious leather backpack.
  10. A book for recording favorite recipes.
  11. LED night light.
  12. Special pillow for pregnant women.
  13. Tea set.
  14. Musical mobile.

When making a memorable gift for a pregnant woman, it’s important to consider not only her daily habits but also her condition.

Gifts for a pregnant wife

A woman who is expecting a child wants to be helped and supported in every possible way. Men who are about to become fathers often get lost and don’t know what to give their pregnant wives. They should approach the choice of a gift responsibly, as the woman is carrying a child for both of them. The “playful” hormones of a pregnant woman provoke increased capriciousness and tearfulness, so the gift should not only be necessary but also positively affect the woman’s mood.

  • Foot massager. This is a very necessary thing, as pregnant women often have swollen feet.
  • Fitball. A large ball that allows you to relax the tense spine and relieve the load on the legs. In addition, the fitball will be useful after childbirth, as it is convenient to rock the baby and stretch the body on it.
  • Swimming pool pass. If a woman feels great and has no restrictions from her doctor, she simply must visit the pool. Swimming has a positive effect on the body, prevents weight gain, and relaxes the muscles.
  • Multicooker. A woman who is carrying a baby should monitor what she eats. To eat right, you can cook any dishes in a multicooker. Women are happy with such gifts, as they make the process of cooking easier and give the woman more free time.
  • Dishwasher. Most families consider such a device to be an unnecessary luxury. However, for a newly-born woman who devotes all her time to her baby, it can be a life-saver.
  • A photo album made by hand or ordered from a professional. It is a great surprise for a pregnant woman, which she will definitely appreciate and start filling up after the first ultrasound. Remember that the album should have pockets to store various memorable items, such as a tag from the maternity hospital.
  • Professional video camera. Some women do not like to be photographed, but they enjoy capturing memorable events on video. Pregnancy and the birth of a baby are a special period that you want to remember for a lifetime.
  • A stay at a resort. It is very beneficial for both mom and the future baby to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Only a husband knows exactly what his pregnant wife wants. He knows what will please her and uplift her mood.

Gifts for a pregnant sister

Usually, it’s easy to choose a surprise for a sister who is expecting, as sisters spend a lot of time together, often go for walks, and communicate over the phone. Pregnancy is the very moment when you can fulfill the most cherished dream of a loved one. Attentive relatives have no questions about what to give to a pregnant sister.

  • Tickets to the theater or art gallery.
  • Favorite book or a collection by a specific author.
  • A beautiful daily planner.
  • Thermos.
  • Stress-relieving toy.
  • Floor scale.
  • Quality cosmetics.
  • Blanket with sleeves.
  • Jewelry box.
  • Assorted tea set.
  • Maternity jacket.
  • Eastern sweets.
  • Hammock – a great gift for maternity leave.
  • Picture frames.
  • “Night Sky” projector.
  • Quality leather bag.
  • Headphones.
  • Crafting kit.

All of these gifts will definitely please the expectant mother, give her positivity, and a good mood for the whole day.

Gifts for a pregnant friend

A friend is an important person in every girl’s life. That’s why all ladies should know what to buy for their pregnant friend. It can be something cute and original that will delight the lady:

  • A massage course. Nowadays, there are plenty of professional salons with employees who can help the expectant mother relax and improve her health.
  • A portrait based on a photo of the birthday girl. Such a present will definitely please and surprise the young lady.
  • A baby book – a handmade photo album. Here, you can place photos of the baby from the first days of its life, record important dates and events. This is something that can be given to a pregnant friend just because.
  • An electronic photo frame. A useful item because the new mom can admire her treasure 24/7.

Pregnancy is a joyful and anxious time. That’s why you need to know exactly what to give a pregnant girl to not upset her, but rather make her happy.

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