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What to give children for New Year’s


On New Year’s Eve, children wait for the New Year’s miracle and, of course, for presents. That’s why it’s very important to choose a New Year’s surprise for your child carefully. Every parent knows what their little one dreams of, but if you’ve run out of ideas for New Year’s gifts for children, you should check out the selection of the most desirable and interesting presents from Santa Claus.

Popular toys for children

Currently, specialized stores have a large selection of toys that will definitely catch a child’s attention. Here’s a closer look at some of them:

  • Developing toy “Pyramid”. Generations come and go, but pyramids remain a timeless option for a toy that helps a child develop fine motor skills, learn to coordinate their movements, train their logic and eye-hand coordination.
  • Educational poster with animals. To gradually introduce a child to the surrounding world, you can give them a special poster depicting animals and their habitats. If the child wants to hear the sounds they make, they can simply press on the picture and the poster will reproduce the corresponding sound.
  • Board game. If parents are wondering what to order for children for New Year’s, specialists recommend considering board games with scenarios from favorite games or fairy tales. The child can play alone, with friends, or with parents.
  • Hoverboard – a toy for older children. It will help them learn to balance and give the child unforgettable sensations of flight. The first rides should be supervised by parents until the child learns to ride.
  • Tent. Currently, specialized stores offer a wide selection of game tents of various shapes and designs: camping tents, yurts, equipped with pipes, or pools for balls. Such a gift will appeal to both active and calm children who can hide there with their favorite toys.
  • Tool Set. A growing boy is often interested in household chores. He enjoys screwing, sawing, nailing, and prying things apart. What can you give a boy for New Year’s? The answer is simple: a toy tool set in a box just like Dad’s.
  • Photo Christmas Ball Set. This craft set allows a child to create a unique Christmas decoration with their own photo. Parents will help younger children, while older children will enjoy working on their own.
  • Stuffed Toy. Today, store shelves are filled with a variety of soft toys that are suitable for children of different ages and genders. Both girls and boys love huggable toys, making them an excellent gift for children on New Year’s.
  • Interactive Pet. A toy animal that is difficult to distinguish from a real one. The toy can bark or meow, respond to the child’s voice or movement, eat and go to the bathroom. The main advantage is that you don’t need to walk it in the mornings. Models of pets come in different varieties: furry, soft, or realistic. With the help of such a toy, a child learns to love the animal world and care for our smaller brethren.
  • Burning set. Attentive parents notice their child’s love for drawing in time. If a little one has such inclinations, you can give them the opportunity to burn their own drawings on wood. Young artists are always thrilled with such surprises, so there’s no need to wonder what to give children for the New Year.
  • Finger paints. A calm child enjoys sitting at the table and drawing with pencils or markers. It’s hard to catch a fidget doing such an activity. But when it comes to paints that can not only draw but also make a mess, the child’s mood changes dramatically. With the help of finger paints, the child develops fine motor skills and imagination, and parents understand whether the child has a passion for creativity. When looking for New Year’s gifts for children, the most important thing is to make sure that finger paints are made of environmentally friendly materials because the child will touch their face during use.
  • Easel or magnetic learning board. Many children have modern magnetic or chalk easels. They are originally purchased for drawing and then adapted for teaching the child the alphabet or reading. If the child doesn’t have such a device yet, it’s worth getting one.
  • Musical toys. Often, even from a very young age, children show an interest in music, so they will be happy if there is a guitar, violin, or mini-synthesizer waiting for them under the tree. If the child doesn’t really like playing instruments, they can be presented with a musical mat that can sing, light up with bright lights, and play musical compositions. A very interesting thing for group games.
  • Kitchen – the perfect option for those who are wondering what to give a girl for New Year’s. Three-year-olds start trying themselves in social professions: doctor, hairdresser, chef, builder, or driver – there are plenty of options. Toys related to cooking themes delight girls.
  • Construction set. Parents often complain that their child doesn’t play with a construction set. The problem is that adults may not consider their child’s character. Calm kids love a construction set with wooden parts, creative kids prefer puzzles, and active kids will choose a toy that won’t let them sit still for long. If you buy a construction set with fluffy sticky balls for a mobile child, they will construct various figures on the go. Currently, the selection of construction sets on store shelves is so wide that you won’t have to think long about what to give a child for New Year’s.
  • Doll. A timeless gift for all ages. Barbie, dolls from fairy tales and modern cartoons, talking dolls, dolls with long hair, interchangeable clothes, cars, and pets – all of this is available at any toy store. Dolls are the main answer to the question of what to order for girls for New Year’s.

New Year’s is a holiday of magic. Children need fairy tales, and parents are obliged to give them to them.

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