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When to buy things for a newborn and can it be done in advance


If you’re wondering when to buy things for a newborn, then this article is just for you.

The modern approach to parenting is mostly free of superstitions. Therefore, the answer to the above question may be: buy when it’s convenient for you, the parents.

Can you buy things for a newborn in advance

Some young families still wonder when it’s okay to buy things for a newborn. They think that buying anything in advance is a bad omen.

Let’s talk about where this tradition comes from. The thing is, medical care was much worse half a century ago. Sad as it is to say, no one could predict in advance whether the birth would go smoothly and whether the mother and baby would be okay. That’s why families didn’t rush to collect a baby wardrobe to avoid unnecessary expenses on things that might not be needed.

However, those times are long gone. Times have changed, and now you don’t have to worry about whether you’re buying things for your newborn in advance. If you feel like going shopping right here and now, then do it as your heart desires!

Such shopping will brighten up your waiting time and also give you the opportunity to solve all practical issues in advance.

What items to buy for a newborn?

Do you know when to buy items for a newborn?

All purchases can be roughly divided into those that can be made at any stage of pregnancy and after you find out the baby’s gender.

The first category includes essential items:

  • Stroller. It’s important to find a model that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, stable, lightweight, and reliable. Think ahead about which features are most important to you and choose based on your preferences.
  • Crib. Even if you initially plan to co-sleep, your baby will definitely need their own place to rest.
  • Bedding: buy sheets and pillowcases made of natural fabric for your little one. This category also includes swaddles (moms know you can never have too many!), blankets for the stroller and home, as well as a comfortable orthopedic mattress.
  • Furniture to store all of your little one’s things. It’s better to buy a children’s wardrobe in advance to be able to neatly sort all of the clothes. Give preference to products made from natural, eco-friendly materials – it will be safer for your little angel’s health.
  • Hygiene products and medicines. This includes towels, a bathtub for bathing, diapers, products for treating the umbilical wound, and diaper cream. Buy them in advance and don’t worry about not having something on hand when you need it.

Why is it better to buy all of this in advance?

When you pick up your baby from the maternity hospital, you will need to walk with them every day, put them to sleep, and find a place to store their clothes. It’s good to plan for all of this in advance.

It’s also a good idea to do this now, so you don’t have to rush to buy everything without really understanding what you need later.

Keep in mind that any purchases that are difficult for you (those that require a lot of time and effort from the future mother) are better not planned for the first trimester of pregnancy and should be postponed until the next period when it is safer for health.

Not related to the topic of shopping, but no less important: if your family is planning a full or cosmetic renovation, it is also worth doing it before giving birth. This way, you can cover the walls with hypoallergenic compounds, check how the ventilation works, and install plugs on the sockets.

Now let’s talk about how much and what kind of clothes you need for a newborn.

This is exactly the category of purchases that is best made after you find out the gender of your baby. You can plan your shopping for your maternity leave.

Here’s how many items to buy for a newborn:

  • Bodysuits and onesies are practical clothing that covers the baby’s back. You can take 4-5 for the first time. Choose models with both short and long sleeves.
  • Wrap-around shirts and rompers – for moms who prefer traditional outfits. Also, 4-5 pairs are enough.
  • Costumes and sets for newborns consisting of a top and pants, as well as newborn jumpsuits. The latter come in different models, so it is not worth buying many outfits at once. Take 2-3 items of different styles: wear them and decide which one suits you best.
  • Hats and caps. Take 5 hats and at least 2 warm caps for the street.
  • Booties and mittens – you need at least 10 pairs of socks and 5 pairs of anti-scratch mittens.
  • Swaddles – take both thin and thicker fabric: 4 pieces of each type.
  • A fancy outfit for the discharge – 1 piece.
  • As an outfit for the discharge, you can buy a fancy jumpsuit or a beautiful dress for a girl / suit for a boy.

In addition to the quantity of items, the quality of the clothing plays a huge role.

The optimal option is children’s clothing made from high-quality knitwear. This is a hypoallergenic natural fabric that is characterized by good moisture absorption and air permeability. The material is very comfortable to wear – your little one will definitely appreciate such a choice!

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